Empowering mobility

With a motorized walking assistance.
Personalized. Light. Discreet.

Live better with a gait disorder

Walking without difficulty is an invaluable privilege, but unreachable for millions of people affected by neurological disorders*.

* Stroke, Multiple sclerosis, Cerebral palsy, Neuromuscular diseases, Paraplegia, Nerve injuries

Our mission


muscle fatigue


daily commuting


life quality


The motorized orthosis for mobility assistance

  • Feel lighter : relieve at least 30% of the effort of the quadriceps and reduce muscle fatigue.
  • Getting around easily : walk, stand, sit and climb stairs with ease.
  • Rehabilitation in autonomy : gain muscle strength by doing resistive exercises at home.


The simple, quick and objective gait analysis solution for rehabilitation professionals.

  • Simply perform the usual mobility tests : 2min walk, 10m walk, free walk, ecological analysis, etc.
  • Validate the therapeutic strategy by comparing the results of the tests before and after a rehabilitative or surgical care.
  • Increase the patient's adherence to his rehabilitation treatment or to his orthosis / prosthesis.

The Motion Crew

Our vision
Build the future of walking assistance

Amaury Ciurana

CEO & Co-Founder

Robin Temporelli

CTO & Co-Founder

Kévin Giraud--Esclasse

Robotics Engineer

Sacha Clauzade

Data & Instrumentation Engineer

Martin Monroy

Electronics Engineer

Laurence Colas

Mechatronics Engineer

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